Asset Management


JC Belle will look at each property from a ownership perspective, by creating a proactive and strategic approach of achieving a client’s financial goals. We map out a long term plan for each site to help manage times of financial growth and contraction.

Additional we will continue to use systematic approaches to management and establish well defined preventative maintenance programs to help preserve and create value. This method of management not only helps preserve value, but also creates tenant retention / low vacancy which are the goals of all property owners.

Services offered to operate and service your site:
– Financial & Expense Planning
– Capital Budgets
– Contract Management & Procurement (Volume Purchasing)
– Tenant Relations (Leasing & Support)
– Marketing
– Preventative Maintenance Programs
– Comprehensive Reporting
– Energy & Environmental Programs

Partner & Affiliates


Midwest Supply and Maintenance over the last 25 years has been in business we have been able to develop a platform of services which preserve the assets value via preventative maintenance programs and general maintenance while still continuing to help manage costs. Through these disciplines and by developing a business model which works for our vast number of highly respected customers, we have been able to create value for them and this has resulted in our extensive growth.